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Eric looked down at me. He seemed to have a hickey on his neck. I opened my mouth, and then shut it again. Better not to comment. “I don’t like having feelings,” Eric said coldly, and he left. That was a tough exit line to top.

posted 2 years ago

True Blood


I recently found a lot of awesome True Blood stuff around Tumblr. This is gonna be long, but hey, you’ll only have to see it once this way :)

Are you not fucking glad I have returned?

  • Sookie: I really love Eric and Bill as much as they love my Fairy Vagina
  • Bill: I luurrrrv Sookehs Fhairy Vhaghina
  • Eric: SOOKIIIIEE IS MINE. And along with her Precious Fairy Vagina.
  • Sookie: EW?